What a Year for a New Year

I started 2014 in a really big way- I quit grad school and moved from my home in North Central Massachusetts to Washington, DC. I felt like my program wasn’t the right fit and I always loved this area- most of my spring breaks in college were spent on lobbying trips to DC. Plus I had a pretty compelling reason to move sooner rather than later. 

Ringing in 2014.

Ringing in 2014 with my partner.

Though New Orleans put up a good fight to be my next home, DC won in the end. I’ve been here since Sunday.

My biggest next step is finding work here. I was advised by many that the way to do DC is to come down here first and look for jobs on the ground, with a DC address and a WINList membership. I created networking cards so I can find work as a sexual health consultant- available for workshops, writing policies, and other advocacy efforts. I am spending my time learning new media platforms and keeping up to date on news related to my field.

I also need to do things like unpack, find doctors, and get a local bank account, but everything in time.

So what is this blog’s purpose? In part, to share my thoughts and ideas about my biggest passions- social justice, reproductive rights, feminism, combating ableism, sexuality, and environmental health. It’s also in part to keep my friends and family back in Massachusetts in the loop about my adventures. Though New Years Resolutions seem to get a lot of negative attitudes, I didn’t move 400 miles to not make any changes, and it just so happens that my move aligned with this new year. I hope to update this blog regularly, so keep an eye out.

❤ ams


One thought on “What a Year for a New Year

  1. So exciting! I’m very excited for you, though sad that I will probably see you stop by work less frequently.

    Regardless, making hard decisions when they are in your best overall interest are tough, especially when such decisions include leaving any kind of educational program, so kudos to you for following your needs and not sticking with something that didn’t feel right. Keep in touch! I’d love to hear about what you get up to down in DC. 🙂

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